Playing the backfield

It may seem as though we have not been keeping up with our blog in the recent months. And you would be correct on that. Got trapped in the social media advertising of Instagram. So much so that our blog and fellow followers have been left in the dark as to what we have been working on. Well fret no more kind sir or ma’am. We are back and our deepest apologies for the neglect.

With that being said, we have a lot to share with you that has happened in the past months.

New shirts, new designs, new styles, new looks…

Broken Bank™ has been creating something for ladies and men. You recently read about our Pretty Bank™ line that we are creating. With the purchase of our new Riley Hopkins Silk screen press we will be doing  a few things in house now. Giving us more flexibility on what we can create. Opening the door to new designs and on a regular basis.

Items like these Pretty Bank™ signature shorts that will be available soon on our online store.

Tiana Pretty bank shorts


Also going to be available soon online our Broken Bank new prints.

flying money official mock

cream official mock












So stay tuned for more updates and photos and news.

Introducing Pretty Bank

pretty bank


This is just a introducing of what will be coming down the pipe line for the women’s side of Broken Bank.

What you will see from Pretty Bank is a urban and rough appeal to women’s’ street-wear. It will have aspects of class so they you can still wear it out with heels but also be comfortable enough for you to wear with sneakers while you run errands.

This is a calibration of high end meets street wear.


Get Ready…


If you have a Instagram account or Twitter you might want to check this out.
For the 5 days leading up to Christmas will be doing a giveaway.
The rules are simple in order to particapate.
All you need to do is
1. Follow us @BROKENBANKCLO on either Instagram or Twitter
2. REPOST the giveaway image
4. Tag 2 Friends

Thats its.

Each following day we will pick a winner and send them a free shirt.
Just a Thank you for the support.