The Grape Invasion

cop and rock real mock

cop and rock real grape

Looks like Purple is the fashion color of this year. So it’s best that you catch on fast or get left in the dust.
We will be re-releasing a limited amount of our Cop & Rock shirts and sweaters using the colors White New Emerald and Grape ink.
Here is a little basic release info for the Retro Jordan Grape V’s

05/04/13 Air Jordan Retro 5
136027-108 White/New Emerald-Grape-Ice Blue
$160.00 – Mens
$115.00 – Gradeschool
$75.00 – Preschool
$55.00 – Toddler
$45.00 – Infant

Also with little info release Jordan Brand is also talking of releasing a black edition of the Grape Variation this year.

Here is a glance of what they may look like.

But don’t fret if you are not able to get the Jordan Grape V’s when they release in May these shirts are a perfect match for the recent release of the Kobe Easter…


I’m not even going to lie 2 out of three of these are ugly AF. But if you like wearing ugly Christmas sweaters and scarves on your feet, by all means don’t let me stop you. But with that said Nike does seem to always overshadow every other shoe release during this time. I’ll play it safe myself and stick with the classic Red/Green theme that the Lebron X provide. Kevin and Kobe I love you both dearly but after The Kobe VI Grinch’s and the KD III Christmas Edition releases Nike has been failing you guys. The Kobe VII Cheetah were ok along with the KDIV Copper Cookie Cutters but not on par with its predecessor.

But you be the judge. Although I don’t think the fashion statement for this is nearly as great as a Coogi sweater, they do provide a great presentation for them.

Nike Sportswear LeBron X Cork edition (Heads will Turn)

I can honestly say I am mad right now. Lebron why do you insist making us buy your shoes over Jordan. Why do you let NIKE give you all the best colorways while leaving everything else looking like a black white Polaroid photo amongst a SDLR HD photo. My God my pockets were already huring but this…
I want to buy stock in Lebron. Both in his shoes and him winning another ring this year.
If you wondering how this concept came about, it came from LeBron James‘s sweet taste of victory. This is design is basically celebration with a champagne toast but for your feet. On June 21, Lebron James celebrated his first NBA championship. And this monumental achievement has come to life with the exclusive Nike Sportswear LeBron X Cork edition – employing premium materials with an unexpected twist – all of which leads back to the champagne bottle as a point of inspiration. This marks the first of multiple Nike Sportswear versions of signature basketball shoes all remixed with premium materials for non-performance use. The Nike Sportswear LeBron X Cork edition launches globally in December in limited quantities, and you can guarantee that this will not sit on any shelf let alone in stock online. Make sure you clear you cache, log onto multiple computers and upgrade you internet connection. It’s going down in December for sure. This release may even make the Jordan XI drop lay in the shadows…

BrokenBankClothing x San Diego Sole

While challenging myself to be diverse and I found myself in a very surprisingly pleasant situation. I frequent a Facebook Group called San Diego Sole (creator alias Staxx Andretti). Because I love these guys so much and they share the same hobby as me I decided to go out on a limb and put in some creative design work. The end result turned into a beautiful fusion between sneaker love, love for our city and love for fashion.
Here are some snap shots of a recent design I had printed for them.
Thank you San Diego Sole for the support of Broken Bank Clothing and allowing me to cover your chest with my work.

As a matter of fact let me take this time out to thank everyone who has ever purchased from my website or from me personally.

Above are also some candid photos of Members from San Diego Sole Supporting Broken Bank Clothing along with a good buddy of mine up in Valley sporting the Pig logo crewneck with his YOTD KDIV, and some other Facebook members and high school buddies showing love. I appreciate ALL the support guys. Make it all worth the grind.