Sneak Peek of out Winter/Spring Line Photo Shoot

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This is my first official OFFICIAL photo shoot.
Here is a shots of behind the scene of our recent Winter/Spring look book


Shots were taken by Simply AIM a local up and coming photographer.


Broken Bank University Capsule Collection


I’m having so much fun with this.

Winter – Spring collection


Have you missed us?
Well while you have been spending time coming back and forth to our BLOG, we have been working hard on bringing you an OFFICIAL PHOTO SHOOT.

Yes, like a real life photo shoot. I did not realize these kinds of things took so much patients but boy do you learn a lot. About yourself and the people you deal with on a daily basis…
I don’t want to go into details because that would be unprofessional

But please for all of our loyalist, come back in February. We will for sure having something you will enjoy.

Our Broken Bank University Capsule Pack is long overdue.

Broken Bank University

broken bank university font

As you may remember in a older post I breifly spoke on a side project I had been working on with my clothing line called. Broken Bank University.
Well that is now on the stove and almost ready. I took a few of the designs to one of my printer last night to have some hard samples made for pictures.

I already have a nice idea for the photo shoot. I want to smash the industry with this concept.

I know all the Broken Bank fans will love it.

Here is the mascot I worked on for it.

sample broken bank mascot