Winter/Spring Ladies Photo shoot

As this brand slowly grows, I find myself venturing in new areas. Recently we have been experimenting with ladies fashion. When it’s all said and done I want this brand to be more than just a “shirt line”.
I want to see how far I can take this.
With leggings being something that will never die out, we are making custom prints with some of our signature designs. Here is a peek at some of the things you can look forward to adding to your closet in the near future from Broken Bank Clo.

(If you would like to view all the pictures from the photo shoot, just click on either photo)

Broken Bank Retro Print and leggings

Broken Bank Web of Deceit Midriff

(If you would like to view all the pictures from the photo shoot, just click on either photo)



If you have a Instagram account or Twitter you might want to check this out.
For the 5 days leading up to Christmas will be doing a giveaway.
The rules are simple in order to particapate.
All you need to do is
1. Follow us @BROKENBANKCLO on either Instagram or Twitter
2. REPOST the giveaway image
4. Tag 2 Friends

Thats its.

Each following day we will pick a winner and send them a free shirt.
Just a Thank you for the support.


New Garments coming from us

We have been working on some other garments to better establish our brand as a brand and not just a t-shirt label. We have sampled Lettermen Jackets, production of hats is on the way cut and sew sweaters and now leggings.
Leggings have been something I have always wanted to play with due to them being so open ended when it comes to designs. The hardest part was finding a manufactor who was willing to low minimums and sample for a fair price.
The diffuculty of this was most textile manufactors think they can take advantage of the smaller brands and charge some whatever they want.
Research is key in this game. I say game, because you have to sometimes play a role in order to get ahead.

Here is a mock look of what we are sampling in the very near future from Broken Bank Clothing.
We will be using our Floral B pattern on the leggings. As soon as we have a hard sample will preview them for everyone to see.

black b floral mock leggings sample floral b leggings

F.A.T. Extravaganza 2013


This is our second year doing this event. I must say it get’s better and better (if that is even proper english)
This is definitely something I have been looking forward too. And it actually didn’t happen.
I usually don’t bad mouth people or events, maybe I will on my next post…
But if you support community events, then come out and show your support for this.
It’s part of the Kuumba Fest and here is some information on it below form the website

F.A.T. Extravaganza 2013
Fund Raiser for Kuumba Fest & AAAC $7 presale in advance $10 at the door

Sunday September 1, 2013
Event kicks off at 5pm
Show starts at 6pm
Lyceum Theater
79 Horton Plaza
San Diego, CA 92101-6144

The African American Advisory Council presents Fashion, Art, and Talent(F.A.T.) Extravaganza. This is San Diego’s hottest showcase of great talent, trendy design, and amazing art in your own backyard. This exciting evening will be filled with laughs, inspiration, creativity and shopping!

Unleaded Supreme
Candy Girl
Messengers from the Mount
Suede Cursive
Erin Brown
Beyond The Throne
Junk Yard
Damion Dice

Local Businesses
Thelma Brown Massages
Black Student Union @ USD
Extreme Clean Floor & Carpet
Candace Unique Designs
Body Wraps By Aisha
Par-Tay Cent Decoration and Events
Jazz-It-Up Mirrors
Body By Discipline
Jenis Group/ Jr Inspired

Participating Designers
Broken Bank Clothing
On Flight Clothing
Brooke Journey Inc
Miss Nazz
Go APE Clothing
Up Lifted Styles

….and much more including live art by Demar & live music by DJ Kali!!!!