Paid with Peanuts™

Holidays are right around the corner and we have made a design that is to be a smash.
With the arrival of the new Peanuts™ Movie it brought to life an old friend, that we as adults have long enjoyed since our youth. Now the generation of today can enjoy some of the wholesome classics humor we did. I for one saw the movie and loved it.
It was so much fun seeing Charlie Brown in the colorful animated form. But honestly Snoopy and the Red Baron story made the movie.

This wasn’t supposed to be a movie review but a introduction to our Holiday Snoopy shirt.

But I got excited about both.
Make sure you visit our website and check out our Paid with Peanuts™ featuring Snoopy and Woodstock.

Paid with Peanuts Sweater


snoopy mock sweaters



FLYER copy

If you are not to busy this Saturday make you go down and lend a helping hand for the kids of San Diego.
Also assist and getting some clothing to the Typhoon victims of the Philippines.

We will be there giving out some raffle prizes to those who bring clothes/garments to help.

Your garment is your raffle ticket.

Pop-Up Shop

pop up shop flyer for IG

Our first but sure not to be out last. Make sure you come and check it out. My mom will be there also with her Cake business named Simply “Day” Licious with deserts.