Fashion week going

Well with all the heavy hitters all out at Project MVMNT in Las Vegas right now and posting pictures on Instagram, you can’t help but catch a glimpse of the upcoming fashions and trends. It pretty much looks like streetwear is sticking with the whole black/white theme. I can’t help but wonder how much longer it’s going to last.
I need some color in my life.
With that being said some of the new designs I have been working on have exatcly that…COLOR

But while you are waiting on those enjoy some fashion ensembles we put together, to help making shopping a little easier for you when you visit



man fit

Pop-Up Shop

pop up shop flyer for IG

Our first but sure not to be out last. Make sure you come and check it out. My mom will be there also with her Cake business named Simply “Day” Licious with deserts.