Wu Donut (36 Flavors) Holiday Shirt


Now available, Wu Donut Holiday Shirt print. We are doing Pre-Orders up until Nov 30th. After that all prints will be shipped out and we will be dropping to of the colors. What does this mean? Example Yellow, Grey, White and Black are now available for order but after Nov 30th Black & White will be the only orders available in select sizes. We are doing this to provide out customer an opportunity to new color selection. So dont wait. Each Order will receive a 30% off code for the next/future orders in special thanks.



Wu Donut Shirt


Labor Day Sale

Our labor day sale is official. And no code is needed. We wanted to make things easy for our shoppers so that they can enjoy buying, without having to remember a whole bunch of codes.

Just find the shirt you like, see if your size is available and add to card.

Simple as that.

Now what are you waiting for. Go shopping



Pretty Bank is coming

Did you miss us. Sorry I left you guys out of the loop.

I have been working on the Pretty Bank extension of Broken Bank Clothing

I will slowly be leaking products from this line, so you can preview what is to come.



Pretty Bank Dirty Money Photoshoot

BrokenBankClothing x San Diego Sole

While challenging myself to be diverse and I found myself in a very surprisingly pleasant situation. I frequent a Facebook Group called San Diego Sole (creator alias Staxx Andretti). Because I love these guys so much and they share the same hobby as me I decided to go out on a limb and put in some creative design work. The end result turned into a beautiful fusion between sneaker love, love for our city and love for fashion.
Here are some snap shots of a recent design I had printed for them.
Thank you San Diego Sole for the support of Broken Bank Clothing and allowing me to cover your chest with my work.

As a matter of fact let me take this time out to thank everyone who has ever purchased from my website or from me personally.

Above are also some candid photos of Members from San Diego Sole Supporting Broken Bank Clothing along with a good buddy of mine up in Valley sporting the Pig logo crewneck with his YOTD KDIV, and some other Facebook members and high school buddies showing love. I appreciate ALL the support guys. Make it all worth the grind.