New Garments coming from us

We have been working on some other garments to better establish our brand as a brand and not just a t-shirt label. We have sampled Lettermen Jackets, production of hats is on the way cut and sew sweaters and now leggings.
Leggings have been something I have always wanted to play with due to them being so open ended when it comes to designs. The hardest part was finding a manufactor who was willing to low minimums and sample for a fair price.
The diffuculty of this was most textile manufactors think they can take advantage of the smaller brands and charge some whatever they want.
Research is key in this game. I say game, because you have to sometimes play a role in order to get ahead.

Here is a mock look of what we are sampling in the very near future from Broken Bank Clothing.
We will be using our Floral B pattern on the leggings. As soon as we have a hard sample will preview them for everyone to see.

black b floral mock leggings sample floral b leggings


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