As we continue to grow into our niche we continue to get noticed, offers from people who would like to get sponsored and so on.
From what I have learned in the business you can “mess” with any and everybody. You have to be a little selective in your associates. With that being said this advice can also lead to pitfalls as well. And sometimes you have to learn from your mistakes. A while back I was offered a chance to display and sell some of my stuff at a local store. It wasn’t really my demographic so I declined. I look back at it and tell myself that may have been a mistake. So when the opportunity showed itself again from another store I gladly accepted it. Better to have the clothes I spent money on in a store, rather than just sitting in a box out of sight.
So when the owner of Famous1s hit me up about getting my clothing on the front line, I jumped at the call. And after sitting down with the owner I gained some knowledge that will help my endeavor in the future.
I’m happy where the company is right now and it can only get better.
If you are ever in San Diego and can’t get in contact with myself, now you have a store where you can check out and get a hands on feel for the clothing we produce.

9465 Black Mountain Road
San Diego, CA 92126


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