In the midst of the blankness…

I’m so sorry. I have not been updating my blog like I really want to and should. I have been so caught up in the new social media avenue called “Instagram” and pictures that I forget some people actually enjoy reading comments rather then have their brains stuffed with images.
I guess I also got caught up in the whirlwind. Never thought it would happen to me.
So for those who are not following my Instagram @brokenbankclo allow me to update you with the following info.

Yes we are getting big.
Yes we are starting to get recognized
and YES I will be coming out with some of our more “intricate” designs. I have been holding back on releasing these for sake preserving growth. But the time has come.

I think it’s time to take a risk. If I haven’t already been doing so.
But before I go into that…
More recently there was a big event never spoken of in San Diego last weekend on April 13th.

It was called the Sneaker Swap and was brought to San Diego by very intelligent African American individual.
I’m very proud to say I was a part of it and with the help and sponsors of some other shops like 5& a Dime, 9five Eyewear, Kolorblind (one of the new shoe boutiques in downtown San Diego), RSWDSD (another shoe consignment shop in the Gaslamp area)The Freshyard (boutique in North Park), Upper-Classmen, KAS23 and individuals this was a huge success.
Not just for me but for the city of San Diego.

I didn’t have my camera and was to busy keeping an eye on my booth to actually enjoy the event…
But I still had what fund I could. Meet a lot of cool people and more importantly networked.

Here are some pictures from that you can enjoy.

Photos from San Diego Sneaker Swap

And here are some my own from my phone

and of course my Wife and son had to jump in the pic.


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