I took a break from the chaos and madness of what was causing daily headache and relaxed in cold weather next to a fire place with my family the past week. I really enjoyed the 8 days and feel totally revived. I actually came to work with a smile on my face.
And let’s see how long that last.
The wife also asked me to promise her no “working” while we are on vacation, and I shamelessly nodded my head to calm her nerves. So before I left decided to do what I could for some of the new designs I was working. Sorry I wasn’t able to update you sooner but I promised.
So here is a look at some of the new stuff and sample work my creative mind as been playing with in illustrator.
First is a hard sample of the “I’m just a $20” design that was specifically created for a Holiday shirt, but shortly after turned into a full run. I wore this shirt during my vacation in Virginia and the feedback was tremendous. So this will not be a limited print and will also be offered on black and grey shirts as well as crewneck sweaters for the public.

I'm just a $20 holiday shirt design by Broken Bank Clothing

I’m just a $20 holiday shirt design by Broken Bank Clothing

Close up of I'm just a $20 design

Close up of I’m just a $20 design

Next is spoof shirt I had been thinking about doing for some time now. I was finally able to put it together and this is the result of it

I call it “Buck Hunt”. No explanation is needed on this. It’s just me having fun with ideas and turning them into what people will wear.


Both shirts are currently up in our store for purchase, so make sure you use some of the holiday cash the right way and shop with Broken Bank Clothing


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