New Sneaker Group in the Horizon

shoe group

Amongst an already crowded scene of hypebeast, so-called sneakerheads and collectors you can find a lot of websites and blogs dedicated to the lifestyle of shoes. Selling, buying and trading are just some of the activities mixed in with this lifestyle. But you can really get lost in the cloud of smoke the surrounds it. Most of the die-hards and connoisseurs are mixed in like diamonds in a larger group of black coal that seems to over shadow and muck up the purity of what use to be an elite group of people.
But every now and then you can catch a glimpse of something good amongst this saturated trend. And that’s where Sole Cali Lifestyle comes into play. A website being developed by those purest who have been watching this lifestyle for years as it became more and more about making a quick buck rather than the love and loyalty. This will be a website that won’t cater to scammers and crooks, but more for those who are looking for a “safe haven” to socialize and share similar interest.
I don’t want to give out to much of the details surrounding the concept for sake of some copy cats out there, but just know the staff that will be running this website will be strict and entry will be on an invite only. This will help keep out the coal.
This news has been brought to you by San Diego Sole a small group of those Elite players.


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