Happy Birthday Jay Z

I know I’m a little late but better late than never.
Had to show love to a true entrepreneur and dream chaser.
Anyone who knows me, know I love good music and I’m inspired but those who came from the bottom and didn’t let anyone stand in their way. This man Jay Z is a true representation of that. From building a emperor called Roc A Fella to taking ownership in the Brooklyn Nets. I honestly think he is one of the smartest men alive right now. The video above Life + Times presents a brief documentary on Jay-Z and the build-up to his opening concert at the Barclays Center – the new home to the Brooklyn Nets. This in-depth documentary shows behind-the-scenes footage of Hov and his band roaming around the stadium and getting ready for the show. Over a span of 24 minutes, the video highlights the eight back-to-back shows, backstage rehearsals at the technologically advanced coliseum, and the infamous subway ride on the J/Z line from which the rapper’s name was christened. The Marcy Projects native and his camp also share their thoughts on the significance of the show, the brand new landmark, and its relation with the Brooklyn community.


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