I’m not getting paid for this but…

Go see it!
I recently took my daughter and 17 month old son to go view this, and from what I was able to see (spent some time outside of the theatre because of a certain someone) this was a great movie. I love how Disney does their most recent movies. They really know how to get the parents/adults interested. The used some aspects of the movie that I could really relate to, mostly with the older game characters. But my daughter actually got the moral of the story as well. Sad I was able to sit next to her the whole time to see her reaction but she did ask me about certain parts in the movie.
And Disney if you do no turn this into a game you are “wrecked” in the head. But knowing Disney they will do the right thing and monopolize off this.
But what I really want to know is how much Disney had to pay to use some of the characters they did. They had some real heavy hitters like Ken, Ryu and Sonic in this movie. Names that probably demand more royalties then Tom Cruise probably.


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