Bred Edition Cop & Rocks HERE!

So with the news of my Kickstarter Project hitting me, I thought I would be depressed and feeling a little rejected. But that is not at all the case. It’s actually more of a motivating factor to do better and go bigger. I can’t depend on people more than I can depend on myself. So felt I NEEDED to start taking control of things. Branching out. Advertising and branding. I’m going to lose some money, yes. But with the right moves I’ll make that back. So with that being said, I’m going to do what I’m good at. And this is one of them. My Cop & Rock shirt.

I’m going to make this a movement. And I’m reaching out to make sure it get’s that way. So if you run any sort of blog with a large following, I’m calling your name. Email me, text me, tweet me whatever.
This is no longer a hobby. This has now become a lifestyle. My outlet will now become my income. My failure will turn into fortune. I’m speaking this into existence ‘cause I’m the only one that can.
So when you start seeing people in your area wearing this shirts just know, that man right now, he wasn’t lying.
This entry went in a whole different direction then my title but I had to let that out.


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