Don’t like Barack Obama then vote for Mitt Romney. Don’t like Mitt Romney then vote for Barack Obama. Just make sure you go vote.

And in light of this year elections I came up with this design that I plan on putting on shirts. I will be making these for a LIMITED RELEASE! This will be a very exclusive design. With heavy influence from the Presidential Election and a clash between MONEY, Power and Survival I came up with this flip on the Presidents Seal. The sledgehammer in the Eagles talon represents Power and strength. Many times sledgehammers are used to brake objects in a forceful way. The money in the Eagles right talon represents just that. MONEY. Money is green no difference in how it comes in. Earned, stolen or given. Loaned, borrowed or gifted.
We all struggle to get it and cry in order to keep it. There are a lot of symbols in the piece, some of which can have its own personal meaning to each individual. This design was created in a double meaning, much like many of my other created flips.
Power and the rebel against power.
Make sure you Pre Order these shirts and sweaters. Cause once they are gone they are done.
I will update once I have a finalized date for release on these. Expect it to be at the least by the end of this month if not sooner.

Also I went ahead and “snuck” in the color scheme to match the Jordan IV’s Thunders dropping this Nov. 17th. It’s awesome how these two great events are happening in the same month.


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