Kickstarter for my new project.

So I just got hip to this thing called Kickstarter. It’s a website where it allows user/members to show a project they are working on and want to get funded. If I knew about this earlier, my fall/winter line would have been released already. You live and learn. But now that I do know about it I’m honestly working on a business plan to put in action. I mean what really do I have to lose? Pledges will get some cool gifts from me and as well as shirts. I’ll be able to fund some shirt designs, I otherwise on my own, would probably have to release in smaller quantities.
So Kickstarter I hope you are prepared for me because I’m getting ready for you.

Here is the basis idea of Kickstarter

-With Kickstarter, people are preordering your idea. Sure, they’re buying something tangible — a CD, a movie, a book, etc — but more than that, they’re pledging money because they believe in you, the creator. If you take the time to extrapolate beyond the obvious low-hanging goals, you can use this money to push the idea — the project — somewhere farther reaching than initially envisaged. And all without giving up any ownership of the idea. This — micro-seed capital without relinquishment of ownership — is where the latent potential of Kickstarter funding lies.


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