…and that comes with all things. Projects, work, whatever.
For the past 3 weeks I have been heavily stressing about the Fashion Show (1 reason why I haven’t been updating my blog). Never knew so much was needed for just a 5 minute time gap. If you have been following my Instagram @brokenbankclo, you’ve seen a glimpse of some of the stuff I have been working on. Besides that I have been working on getting another project together for KickStarter. In case you don’t know Kickstarter is a website that allows members to show projects they are developing or working on and are able to get funded by outside pledges.
I had it all mapped out to the X with numbers, amounts, details and colors everything. And it all ended up in the trash. Misunderstanding in the house. I can’t even get mad about it anymore because it’s happened so many times. But then that doubt starts to kick in. I start doubting all the hard work I put into this clothing line. I start thinking about how sales aren’t where I would like them. And all these thoughts are popping up as I’m driving to work this morning.
And then I think to myself.
Stop and PRAY.
So I do exactly that and I let it all go, not of the steering wheel though, just my problems.
And in my rush to get to work I realize I forgot my lunch. Oh gosh. I only have $6 on me.
Lunch time comes and my buddy who I usually eat with ask me where do I want to eat at, and I tell him how much I have and he tells me he’ll take care of the rest. We debate on where to spend my little $6 and come up with Panda Express cause all I really want is some chicken and green stuff.
Fast foward to the lunchroom at my job when we are done eating. I look for my Furtune Cookie not expecting anything. I open it up and the message says this.

I wouldn’t call it a coquiesedence because I don’t believe in happen chances. That’s what I like to call a blessing. No matter how small it is. And from there on things just start to come in place.
I check my email and the printer tells me that my shirts will be done by 2:45pm today, just in time for the Fashion Show. They didn’t finish all the designs I wanted him to do. I still need to pick up some group shirts I did for some buddies of mine on Facebook (my next blog entry). And when I go to pick up the shirts that hand me my box and send me on my way. No money exchanged just yet, which helps for a emergency over this long Labor Day weekend.
So i’m just over flowing with Joy right now with the recent events that have taken place. The shirts looks beautiful. Just how I wanted them. No more BS that I had to deal with my other printer.
Everything is looking on the up and up right now.
Thank you Lord.


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