Thanks AutoLife for the support

I’m starting to find out that some of the relationships I built in the past are beneficial in more ways than one. Not only do you gain good friends with loyalty but you find out who your real supporters are, even when they get a little bigger then you, LOL.
Back in my YOUNGER days I was in the car scene, let me take that back because I still am just not as frequent as I use to be, I was part of the group forum called Honda-Tech. Basically a social group for everything Honda/Acura. It used to be a great source for information, technical support, good laughs and good people, but in the past couple of years has slowly deteriorated of its lack luster due to scammers and people just out to make a quick a buck and are not worried about quality service and products. It’s slowly gaining some forward ground again but it’s just not the way it use to be. Well for me, maybe.
I’m starting to ramble like usual so let me get to the point.
I love 88-91 Honda Civic hatchbacks, 4 doors and Wagons
Found some cool people who share the same love
Made friends with some. One in particular another brother like myself, who lives in the same city.
Hooked him up with some gear in the past a few years back and now the favor is being returned generously as a sponsorship of his blog AutoLife.
It’s good to see that he is still enjoying the scene and expressing the love he still has for the 4th Generation Civic. Great platform car for any hobbyist who wants to start tinkering with “play” cars.
I want to personally thank Brandon for showing the love the way he did.

Y’all make sure you go and support him and check out his blog spot. Maybe one day after I pay off all these bills I’ll build again. But as of now my car just sits in the garage collecting dust and spider webs. I Think the spiders are enjoying my car more then I am.

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