HELL did me a favor today…

and I returned the gesture.
Let me explain. First I want to note that I’m not quick to anger. I don’t blew up right away. I’m usually pretty patient with all people, no matter the situation. But when you lie to me and lead me on, then you’ll get to see a side of me most people don’t get the pleasure of seeing.
So my dealings with the “Middle Man” printer have pushed me into a situation I was only praying I would not have to visit so soon.
I’m trying to handle my business as professional as possible but how can I do that when the people who I trust treat me like a bastard child who has no say. It only reminds me of a blog entry made by Mr. Bobby Hundreds recently. About his dealings with his first printer and how he screwed him over.
I have been screwed over by 2 too many silk screen printers and I’m done. So thank you Julio @ T’s & Signs in National city, who works out of his house for screwing me over on my shirts. Thank you for taking a month to print nothing on my 48 blank shirts and sweaters. Thank you for having me send you the same files over and over again with no progress on your end because you said my files were not in the right format. When they were. I emailed you the same file again and then you replied that will work…
Thank you telling me on Wednesday you are in the progress of making the screens. Then continue to tell me you will call me when they are done. Then you for not answering my text on Thursday. And thank you for not even starting on Friday causing me to be late to work because I had to go pick up my shirts.
Thank you

I also want to thank Juan on Squeegee Prints for doing a hack job on my first shirts. Thank you for not checking the quality of your work and leaving me with shirts that fade from the first wash. Thank you for offering to reflash the shirts over again but for a fee, because you didn’t take the time out to do it the first time.
Thank You

I hope both of your businesses strive for the same perfection I am trying to accomplish. But if you don’t San Diego County nor anyone who needs your services will miss you.

The next chapter in Broken Bank Clothing will not involve you. I’ll do it by myself.
Thank YOU.


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