Thanks to the people who decided to go out on a limb with my company, and purchase shirts. The feedback has been great. Everyone loves the quality of the print, the fitment of the shirt and the business cards. That is, everyone but one person. I have these shirts listed on eBay as well as my website. I had a recent buyer who was upset with shipping and how his shirt had not arrived in time for him his vaction trip. Then after telling him sorry he began to complain about the print on the shirt and how it’s ugly…
Well why did you buy one then.

Oh well can’t please them all.

Here are a couple of product shots that I had a satisfied customer take for me. You will notice that the colors are not spot on. That is something I am in the process of working on. I used pictured supplied over the internet to color match. Flash was not used on most of the pictures on the web and the natural lighting makes the Pink Flash and Candy Mint color on the shoes appear darker then what they are.
No worries though. My printer and I will sort this out on the next run of prints. I’ll also remember to print more of 2xl and up shirts for customers as well.

Here you go.




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