It’s so nice to see something you dreamed about become a reality. I spent a few hours playing this design on the computer hoping that actual results would be just as satifying and refreshing as they were on my 19″ computer screen. I could only imagine how the colors would mix once they went from pallet to screen to cotton.
I’m so happy right now I could cry, but I won’t.
The wait was well worth it and I’m more then pleased with Julio from T’s & Signs for what he completed for me.

Here is a sneak look. I’m setting up a photoshoot right now with Miss April Joy for this shirt as well as some others so be on the look out for bing things coming from Broken Bank Clothing.

If you would like to purchase the shirt you can check out my store. If you don’t see your size just let me know. This is the first batch and I plan on doing more in the near future. Looking at tank tops for the ladies and guys. But with a nice design like this the sky is not the limit.


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