NO MO ANGRY Now I’m refreshed YES

I’m so excited right now. I have a couple of projects I’m working on. Broken Bank is going to a whole other level. I’m so happy I had this burst of creativity hit me smack on my forehead while at work. I filled two med. sized postage notes with ideas for shirts.
I’ll be bringing back the original logo. There is not enough Broken Bank logo shirts out there and I want people to spot these all over the city.
Plus I called in the big help. I have been having some troubles with AI. as far as cleaning up my designs with the pen tool. I really do need a graphics tablet.
So I’m taking some of my sketches to some graphic designers for them to clean up for me. But once I get everything together I will be taking some classes (on YouTube) on how to really expand my levels or design. Maybe look into forming a design team.

And def. more advertising. I’m going to use whatever revenue I can get.
Can make money sitting on my bum.


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