It’s over now.

If you could only know how I feel right now and how much my eyes hurt. Staring at a computer screen all day trying to purchase some shoes could give you a heart attack and make your eyes bleed. I’m so happy this all over with. Now we can all move on with life. But it’s sad to here that some people just don’t know how to act. And whole city shut down over a pair of shoes. The people complain about the economy and how they don’t have a job or money. Some of those same people are the ones spending a night outside of a shoe store.
And Nike is not helping the situation either with all the claims of limited releases, that cause the people to go insane. With all the money you are making NIKE off advertising why not use that of supply of shoes that the people really want. Why limit a stock of shoes. What do you really gain out of this?
People will turn around and point the finger at the supplies for being the cause of all this. Enough with my rant. I didn’t get the enough I wanted but I’m happy I was able to be a part of history and make a shirt for this. All’s well that ends well. At least I still have my dignity and life.
I was able to pick up the NIKE dunks though. Not exactly what I wanted but it was my 3rd choice lol.

Now I can focus on my shirts. The hits on my blog will probably go down substantially but hey it was fun while it lasted.


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