Did you get LUCKY….

Ok first off I want to apologize the previous post. But it was not in vain. Maybe someone along with myself would have gotten lucky and Nike honored the sale. Or maybe it could have guaranteed us a pair for when the release actually did hit on the 24th. Who knows?!
All I know is whatever IT guy that did this little heart crushing mistake or joke needs to be fired. Then Nike should use his sick time pay in order to make more Lebron Galaxy ASG shoes.

But it worked out in the end for those who did purchase. I have been reading stories of people getting 10%, 15%, and even 20% off on their next purchase with NDC.
If fact I just got an email saying I will get 15% my next purchase. Flipping SWEET bro lol.


2 thoughts on “Did you get LUCKY….

  1. well i saved the link for the date anyway hopefull they will use the same one
    do u know of anyothere online store that will be getting them

    • There are a couple but the prices range from $235+ with $25-$35 shipping. Mostly Japan I believe but early release shoes usually don’t come with everything they are supposed. Most of the USA pre order spots are already sold out that I know of. Smart man on saving the link

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