I’m on my All-Star Game…VOTE your choice

That’s right. Nike hasn’t done it yet so I’m taking matters into matters into my own hands. The concept first came with I was drawing a a shirt for When Pig Fly. I wanted to do a shirt of a pig with wings and the whole nine. Then I had an idea for Money out of this World and the two kind of combined. It’s not final though. Looking for feedback. Then after much debate and lost sleep about The All-Star Galaxy pack NIKE is releasing I wanted to make a shirt to match the whole line up. I had to involve a few factors in the concept of the shirt which you will probably catch right away. If not, don’t ever call yourself a basketball fan, LOL.

Let me know what you think. Shirts should be ready in in a week or so.

With the Pig or without the Pig on the front?? VOTE on the Bottom

Pre Orders will begin on Tuesday so hit me up if you are interested via twitter, facebook on even comment right here on my blog.






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