Has Fashion gone to complete and utter CRAP!?

So I’m looking at the fashion industry trends as they stand now and I can’t help but think, what have I gotten myself into. Upside down crosses in your logos, pyramids, illuminati signs and symbols, weird black and white photos of animals and what not. What is this all about. Is everyone preparing to welcome the devil and antichrist with open arms in the near future. I know it’s fun to rebel against the normal status quo, be different in a world of cookie cutter fashion, dare yourself to be different and push the envelope but where does it end.
At one point in time is was hidden and people used subliminal messages. Now it’s like artist and fashion brands are on a full assault for everyone’s mind. Unknowingly I have even noticed myself giving praise to upcoming brands for having a clean overall look and nice logo, but after visiting their webpage and looking closer at their designs noticed hints of rebellion against Christ.
You may be wondering, well what do you care?
I have kids and to be frank I think it’s lame. You creativity is limited to images of animals and portraits of peoples’ faces with upside down crosses. Let’s be serious. We live in a world full of negativity and this is all you can come up with.

I could use some of my free time in my boring day to point on the brands but that would be giving them more credit them they need. And I have already done enough by even making this blog post about it.
But I just wanted to let the world know, you are not fooling me with the crap.

Y’all have a blessed day.

Tyler the Creator I ain’t feeling your music.


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