Broken Bank RANT for the day

So pretty much BigCartel is wack. I will be discontinuing my service with them. Most of the nice option you have to pay for and I can only list like 4 products. Not that I have more then 4 right now but it’s at least nice to have that option. So I venture Mintees a lot for information on prints, tips on how to start a small business and to see what people are doing now a days. And I came across this super site to start more store on. SupaDupa (I’ll have link on the side) is flippin’ awesome. I suggest that if you have plans on opening a store go with them. Way more options. I don’t think it’s free anymore. I was lucky enough to get the discount with they first started in November. But nothing but love for them so far. I’m playing with the settings and everything still but it’s so simple and clean. I love it.

Broken Bank Clothing NEW Store

So check it out and let me know what you think. The Password is brokenbankclothing


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