You, Me and China need to have a talk

I don’t usually post shoe info on here but after the whole Jordan Concord thing I took it upon myself to rant a little. Soo, here is another rant for you guys to read.
First off I want to say What is going on CHINA, you’re doing it big this year.
So it’s YOTD (Year of the Dragon) and it seems the shoe industry has taken it upon themselves to monopolize off of this, by creating shoes demonstrating the different ways to present this new Chinese calendar year.
Everyone from Nike to New Balance to even Converse is coming up with nifty little designs cues with dragon accents and so forth to celebrate.
But who has done it better. In all honestly I can say JB (Jordan Brand) has by far one of the best presentations of the theme but with a view of the final product you are buying, it lacks way to much luster for even a side glance of interest. My vote goes towards Lebron James and his China Edition 9 shoes. Kevin Durant KDIV YOTD in a close second and New Balance ML574 coming not to far behind.
This is not a shoe review or anything cause I haven’t been lucky enough to get either of the 3 pair…yet. But more from a designer point of view.

So with this all in mind, I see a perfect opportunity to come up with a shirt to engage in this milestone.
What colors will I use? Well it seems Mr. Jason Petrie had Broken Bank in mind when he designed the Chinas for Lebron because the colors are so close to my logo. So we’ll start there and see where my pen and or computer lead me.
Oh yeah China let me know if you can take a personal request and make it Year Of The Pig again…

Sorry Kobe I didn’t show you any love, maybe next animal year will be a snake…

If you want to read more on the NB ML574 just click KickOnFire


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