Well as some of you may know, I do have a job other then being on the internet all the time. It actually consumes most of my day, away from the house and family. But I do get breaks where I get let my mind loose and relax a little bit. That’s the time I use to think of designs and what not.
Today being no different, with a extra table spoon of stress from other people who act like they don’t know how to do their own job.
Anyway, I get a text from the wife and it’s a pitures of my 6 month old little boy.

Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

And I stop for a second.

And it hits me.

As long as I’m sitting here at this deadend job slaving and getting bossed around by other people, I’m going to be missing out on my son growing up.
Not getting a chance to play with him at the park except for my days off. And I already spend most of the time running around trying to do other things I didn’t get to do because I was work. And it just motivated me even more to push hard on this line I’m doing.
It just makes all the stress all worth it cause I know in the end there will be no more.

This is my reality check. No more BS. Hustle HARD!

I still have to make him a shirt. Me and him at the mall should be a killer combo…

Love you dear πŸ˜›


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