Sometimes you have to be…

Adventures to say the least. After long debate, thinking, talking with the wife and parents I think I have come to a final decision. Some of you may be wondering what the heck is this guy talking about. Well let me break it down like this.
Had an idea for a shirt. The initial idea was to make a design of a women lower-chest to upper eye level with a bra on and some money stashed in it. You know how older ladies usually store the dollar bills when they don’t carry their purse. And there would be a red bar over her eyes that says Legal Tender. But then I thought to myself, I would never wear that shirt because for the most part people would find it disrespectful. Plus I don’t really see myself walking around the house with my daughter looking at me, with some tatas on a shirt. So I took a couple of steps backwards to “cleaned” the design up. But the base of the design just wasn’t getting the point across like I wanted. Then it hit me.

Angie Varona is 18 now!

Pretty random yes I know but wait for it. The whole idea between the shirt was to mix money and women. Not saying they go together but they do love to spend it. Also I was listening to the radio one day and that old track by Bobby Brown “Tenderoni” came on. And it all just came together after that.

But then I started working on the shirt and my wife saw me on the computer and got a little pissed off. And I was thinking to myself “what did I do now…” But low and behold she was upset about the shirt. So I asked her does she even know what it means or was she just looking at the picture of the girl. And automatically any shirt that has a women on it is disrespectful and degrading?? Does it really work like this in a women’s’ mind??
I had already thought it out. I picked a photo that was not to vulgar or disrespectful. And it was after she turned 18 (hints to the Legal part), and rather than just using any old dirty girl off the web or taking a pictures of a female who I already knew, which would only cause my headaches, I went with a girl who is already well known, although misunderstood and misguided, and seems to be a decent person (hints to the Tender). I even did her a favor by not using on of her overly exposed photos.
So in the end although I have heard the shirt isn’t a good idea from family, I as a artist and designer, had to make my own decision. And if in the end it turns right around and bites me, I can at least say I did it in the most respectful way I could think of while still being creative. Last thing you want to do is try and put a cap on creativity. Yes you can water it down, make it more appealing to the masses but then it starts becoming more of what other people want to see and not what you see in your work.

And with that all being said Broken Bank Clothing is now taking Pre-Orders for what may be one of my most risky shirts

Legal Tender. Now that you know how the shirt came about maybe you’ll understand where my mind was when I created it. And if not at least you can say you have a cool shirt.

This is not the final design but pretty close.

They’ll only be offered on White, Black and Heather Grey Alstyle 1301 shirts. Best shirts I have printed on.
Need to contact me to make an order to go my Facebook page and hit me up. Or just comment on here.

God Bless and Broken Bank will be right here!


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