WOW What a year!

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So did you get your Concords? Jeeze this whole thing was straight Sparta MADNESS. I even got caught up in it. At first I was on the fence about getting them but after more and more pictures I figured hey might as well. There were one of my fav. back in the day that I never had a chance to purchase. Well looks like I yet again won’t have the chance. Well at least no time soon until they restock. But what bugged me out was all the little kids, bothers and sisters and Hypebeast alike all in line circling buildings for these. It’s a GR people no need for that kind of behavior. And then shootings, muggings and stabbings. You would think were were back in the 90’s when Starter jackets came out and people were getting robbed for them.
I tried to get mine online cause I don’t have time for all that and plus I have to watch my kids. But even that was an impossible task. Almost every site crashed on me. All over some Icey Soles to resell. Funny how some shoes that retail @ $180 will end up on eBay for $400 within minutes after purchase.
Well now that you have that little bit of info you can understand how the “For the Love of money…” shirt came about. It’s actually a Bible verse 1 Timothy 6:10 For the love of money is the root of all evil. And man is that true. The things people do for it. So after the events of last night I thought I would make a shirt to show my pain.

I’m going to get some for my little boy though and make a Onsie for him with the print LOL

But them Christmas Lebron 9 will be mine…
That “This is $50” shirt was just for those.


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