Yet another doodle to hit Cotton…something for the sneakerheads

This is another little guy I’m working on. Don’t know if this is going to be on the Spring line or what. Just getting all my ideas out of my head while I still have fingers and eyes that work.


Here is a edit I made with a good idea from someone on a car forum I frequently post on. Originally it was just going to be the kid and the money bag with text “For the LOVE of money…” under. But with the recent release of the Jordan XI Concords, eBay resellers & Finish Line, Eastbay and even crashing due to everyone and there lizard trying to cop a pair of shoes (including myself with no luck). I thought it would be refreshing to add some touches.
I have yet to make a shirt that goes with any sort of shoe. Figured now would be a great chance.
Tell me what you think. This is not the final product but this is the platform.


And here are some mock up. With Edit on Box style. Need to clean up the thought bubble but I think this is ready for the printing line.




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