Quick doodle I thought of

Well I use to do a lot of drawing when I was younger and had a lot more free time. Back then it was more for fun and freedom then expression. Well it may have been a little of both, because I can remember making little drawing for the girls that I liked and was dating at the time. Man those were the days. When a girl would take something as simple as a drawing or sketch of her name and love you for ever. Now, you practically have to rob a bank to please these women lol.

Here is a design I was sort of working on, thought it would be cool but couldn’t get it out on paper how it looked in my head.
Concept was the Big Bad Wolf blowing money out of a piggy bank. Was going to call it something like “The Big Bad Banker”.
Maybe I’ll find an artist that can better get the point out on this one.

The other little piggy banks with the mustaches were just something I was trying to come up with a possible colab if 5 & a Dime wanted to hook up on something. Just a thought…


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