The MANY stages of a perfect Business card

This took some time to do and I have a couple of snap shots of the different models. And with that we have the evolution from draft to hard copy of my business card. I guess you can say I’m lucky with the name of the company I came up with. From the beginning I knew I would have unlimited ideas to work with but they all had to flow and stick. Timeless stuff.
Right after I sent in the trademark info, I went to work on a business card. Making sketches of what I wanted it to look like.
This is the sketch originally

Shortly after that and some Photoshop magic, I was able to turn the sketch into an actual design. So I made a couple of calls and with it being after business hours my only help was FedEx Kinko’s. I guess when you get really excited about something there is no point in waiting, right…
Told them what I wanted and an hour later I had this. But it wasn’t quit what I really wanted. It didn’t have that feel and texture I wanted. It looked cool but just didn’t fit the bill.

First business card

Of course this was when MySpace was cool and I had a page with them LOL.
So it was back to the drawing board. But I needed more cards for the purpose of handing out but I couldn’t pass around these flimsy things. So I got together with VistaPrint and we all know how they are always having some free stuff going on. I revamped the business card and sent it to them and got myself some free ones that I felt a little more comfortable with, until I was able to come up with something else.

Second business card

Then after some searching on Google and I mean a lot of searching I had a brilliant idea. Incentive Cards…
But that meant money on my part in order to distribute. And the card itself costed $5 to make. And with business not in the triple digit sales number I didn’t see that as a cost-effective way to advertise.
Paying someone to wear my shirts, LOL. Only cool part about them is they had the VISA logo on them, legally with no copyright issues. In the end I ended up making two of them. One for myself with $10 on it and one for a buddy of mine with a little different graphic on it.

Broken Bank Incentive card

And then we have the final product. The special part about these was they were originally going to be shirt hang tags, but the beauty of it all is they can be both!!! Man if you could have only seen the look on my face when I got these. EXACTLY what I wanted. And it was all thanks to SignatureCard.

Only those with a real eye for detail can appreciate something like this. And that’s the same feel I want for my shirts.
People always say I’m a character and I want to display that same “character” in my shirts.

Official Broken Bank Business card

emboss close up


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