Looking for a UPDATE…

Well so am I, LOL.

Just messing. I’m working on some stuff right now but it’s once agian been a slow process. Where I currently work, we are being bought out…
What that means for income is still unknown. I don’t want to go to far into details but they may be paying less, and Health Insurance is supposed to be more blah blah.
This only motivates me to make this little hobby into more of a job. Become my own boss. Working for “The Man” is so unpredictable. But oh well, my future is up to God so I’m not even going to stress.
On a business aspect though, here is wwhat I’m working with. Some of the names of the shirts I have been working on: Legal Tender, Gold Digger and of course you know I have to get a Occupy the Bank shirt going on but with a little twist.
I have some collabrations I want to do but I don’t know if I’m big enought to even have them consider me…
But if not I can do it by myself and when I blow up, have them contact me to work togethere. Yeah, that sounds about right.


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