oH My 2nd ONLINE SELL!!!!!

Great success. So I finally got my 2nd online sell. Well OFFICIAL online sell through shopping cart of Big Cartel. Link in the side bar on the left hand side if you are looking. I have sold other shirts online but it feels good to know that atleast two people have gone to the Web Page and purchased, LOL.
So this is a personal THANK YOU to Mr. Jacob Laird for checking out the website. Make sure you tell your friends and if you enjoy your shirt don’t be scared to leave some feedback either on here or become on a Fan on facebook.
I’m still working on the real page to update with actual product shots. But I want to make sure I do it right and have some models on there posing int he shirts, not just thrown on my bed.


2 thoughts on “oH My 2nd ONLINE SELL!!!!!

  1. yo man i came here from nwp and thought you should probably leave out the customer’s name. bad idea for you to put a customer’s info for public view like that unless you asked Mr. Jacob Laird for permission.

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