Be there to share the love…

Thank God for support. Since I started doing this whole shirt thing this is probably the biggest “promotional” thing I have been involved in. Just goes to show I need to get out there right mow huh. But when you help someone they in return will help you. Maybe not in a way you think but help is help now a days and that’s the least people can do. So with all that said go to Bar Dynamite on Tuesday Nov. 8th, to support the 1 year Anniversary of Boom Bap. One of my class mates is DJ’s there which is cool. Same guy that did the back screen design for the Banks & Robbers T. See how it all came full circle.

I was hoping to get some exclusive stuff printed for the event but it didn’t work out that way due to finances, family blah blah blah. Something me and the wife are trying to get straight right now. But hey advertising is advertising. Hopefully they’ll be more of that coming up after this and when I branch out some more.

This is the inside tag I’m working on actually.

shirt tag

The very first ones I made had to much color for me to do myself in my house.
Yes, I said in my house.
I have a YUDU printer which I’ll be testing out to see if I can start making my own samples. That’s less money spent having other people do something I can do.

So if you want to see the new tags. That’s if I can get them done in the next day or so make sure you visit Bar Dynamite. Even if I don’t get it done in time still go to Bar Dynamite cause I’ll be there if anyone wants to chop it up and ask question or meet me. There will also be some free promo shirts being handed out to support the event along with a couple of other San Diego based clothing lines other then my own.


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