Sorry I kept you waiting….

Yes it took a while but I wanted this done RIGHT no BS and with patience comes perfection. Well not true perfection but pretty dang close.
While I’m still waiting on my Banks & Robbers T debating if I should do DTG or silk screen, I went ahead with step 2 of the package. And, I must say with all the trouble I went through before, I am very VERY happy with the outcome of these shirts.
Infact I even had someone send me a message asking if he could use my design to make himself some shirts…
“Are you stupid….?” of course I thought to myself cause I would hate to loose a customer but dang. All My heard work getting wasted by someone who doesn’t want to buy direct because it’s not the color he wants. No I know how the big aftermarket companies feel when their stuff get replicated. But that must mean I hit a big one.
But I ain’t done. This is only a portion of what you’ll be getting with your shirt (when purchased)
Signature Card is doing something real big for me.
Just got a smile on my face right now cause God blessed me with such a talent like this.

Med., Large, xLarge and even xxLarge this time around but limited.
Remember more to come.
Color: White with Peacock Blue letters
Color: Black with Neon Green Letters

The Neon Yellow was a designer exclusive and ain’t for sale.





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