Let’s start over again

First off I want to say I’m sorry.
Sorry for what, you may be asking. Sorry for selling you crap! My very first shirts were printed on some of the crappiest shirt ever. And it was my mistake for not doing my research. The Promo logo shirts with the colored pig were a success not because of the shirt but because of the logo. But having a great logo on a crappy shirt doesn’t equal quality and I’ll never be doing that again. It’s just been bothering me because it was my big start and I dropped the ball totally on that. Got to excited with starting the brand and wasn’t willing to spend a large amount of money and just didn’t do the proper reading, asking around and R&D. I will never be printing on Gildan shirts AGAIN. I promise.
And to all those out there who purchased those shirts, I ask you not to throw them away. But keep them as a reminder of what a shirt should not feel like. So you never buy from a company, designer or manufactory who refuses to put their best foot forward and give you quality work. I will not be that company who is just out for money. I started Broken Bank Clothing knowing I was going to make money, but more because of my love for art. 1st grade through Tech school that’s all I wanted to do. Art runs so deep in my blood that it spued through my DNA and infected my daughter.

I’m probably ranting now but it was a good rant LOL.

And with that being said.



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