We are HERE

You may remember from my past post from last month “Broken Bank x AutoLife” I was hoping to previews the shirts @ Eibach Car meet.

Well I’m proud to say I’m Polo status now lol. Not really but soon.
My boy Brandon over at AutoLife shared some of his “street cred” with me so I can blow up like him.
Big props to him. He told me us smaller companies have to support one another and share the love. And I totally believe in that. A lot of people are just out there to make money off one another and using their lack of knowledge to do so.
Not here.
When I come up in this big world I’m bringing some folks with me

Also thanks to Joey for snapping a flick, he doesn’t know this but he is promoting me…lol

But seriously check out his BLOG. He really does have some good stuff to say not only about the car scene and where it’s going but just day by day random stuff to help your day go by faster.

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Check out his site if you want to view some of his video material from other events.
Should be a little clicky for it in my post if. Or if lazy look for the clicky on the right hand side


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