Kiddy clothing coming…maybe

So the wifey, the little one and I are going to the movie to watch Shrek Forever After. By the way, may I add is a great movie and I teared up on. I was wearing one of my red inked pig promo shirts and my daughter makes a comment:

Daughter: Daddy did you make your shirt?
Me: Yeah I made it.
Daughter: I like your shirt daddy, why did you make it?
Me: I made it so daddy can stop working and stay home with you and mommy.
Daughter: Can you make me a shirt with a butterfly on it so I can wear to school?
Me: ummm, no but I can make you one with a piggy on it.

I was being sarcastic but it actually gave me a good idea. And that’s how this doodle came about.

kiddy bank

I’m going to work with this a little bit and see what I can come up with

Also I’m going to need some feedback on this one.
Thinking about making women varsity cardigans. But I’m wondering if the ladies will like this style or the vintage old fashion cardigans.

concept design
Broken Bank logo pig patch on the front right hand side with a chenille B on the other side and on the back the a silk screen print of Broken Bank Clothing on the lower portion of the sweater…

female gray cardigan

blue female cardigan

black female cardigan

and possible slim fit style hoodies…?



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