The shirt Pack

So this is my vision on the Banks and Robbers shirt pack.

Stealing Made Me Rich and Banks and Robbers goes together.
The Robbers Tee is the monopoly man running with a huge coin in his hand. The coin is from the BB*C logo and you’ll notice that the pig is on the back, on the bottom of the shirt minus the coin. Clever, clever yes, yes. And then we have the Stealing Made ME Rich which is just a font Tee. They play off each other. But don’t think I’m advocating stealing to get ahead, (although I’m using a Hasbro character) that’s juts not cool lol. But we have ALL stolen something before. Even is it was a pen from someone desk that didn’t belong to you. That’s still stealing. I’m just putting it out there.
I’m actually thinking of contacting them and doing a small run on the monopoly man with a twist. We’ll see how that goes.

But when you really REALLY think about it, how many companies have at one time or another used a idea that someone else created, molded it to fit their needs for some sort of selling purpose…

Crooks & Castle has…

crooks and castle

Need I say more
Oh yeah, if ya’ll reading this I have a sick idea for a colabo Tee. Get @ me before I get big time and don’t answer my phone no mo, LOL


stealing close



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