Will I be ready for SUMMERTIME


shirt samples

In order “Never Fall Off”, “Banks and Robbers” Tee in black, “Bank and Robbers” Tee in white, And the Promo Logo Tee

Never Fall Off is still in the works, but its going hard on FUBU. And not just them but any other clothing line that had its season of time.
….what you never heard of FUBU, lol. Well they use to be big back in the day but you don’t really hear much about them now as far as fashion. I just had a flash back of LL Cool J stuntin’ in that stuff. I think even I had a shirt but my mom got it for me.
Thats how I DON’T want my line to be. I want to create timeless stuff that 15-20 years from now will be vintage and people will hunt for at thrift stores and post on eBay for 5x the original price. So really in a way it’s a motivational Tee. One thats going to help keep me on track for my goals.

OH but don’t get it twisted. Much Props to Fubu and the owners J. Alexander Martin, founder Daymond John in Hollis, Carl Brown, J. and Keith Perrin. They set up all the steps for a youg black man to have a dream and accomplish it through a clothing line. From what I hear the even own COOGI now along with a couple of other companies. Of course COOGI still has it’s own designers but thats $$$ right there.

Quick glimpse at the possible summer line up

banks and robbers sample

Banks and Robbers white front (this sample was made when it was in it’s baby stages. Props to True Story for helping out on the sample. The Coin is a little off be its worked out now. They’ll be doing my full run print on this and my Stealing T, oh yeah we working on a colabo T shirt too shhhhhhh)


banks and robbers black

we fixed the coin on this one
close up

This is just a front sample. But I’m working on the back graphic
never fall off sample

close up and yeah I went there…lol

NFO close up


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